Welcome to Jezzbuffalo Ventures website. We’re marketing company to quality product manufactured worldwide. As a veteran marketing company we consider affordability, durability and quality NOT quantity on each and every product we market, that makes us different in this field. We send the products to your doorstep on demand. We supply to any Tuck Shops, Spaza Shops and Restaurants. We do Wholesale and retail.

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We supply high quality food from pioneer group in South Africa

We also import and supply food staff from Africa countries e.g. Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia etc.

This includes YAM, Garri, Beans, Rice, Cassava etc.

We are open to the public (Retail) and also we do supply to Restaurants, spaza stores, Taks shop at wholesale prices.


We stock the best African food staffs

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Semolina flour is yellow in colour and coarse texture might have led you to think that it was cornmeal. However, this flour is made from wheat. Specifically, it’s the coarsely ground endosperm of durum wheat, the same variety used to make most dried Italian pasta and Moroccan couscous which is made by mixing roughly two-parts semolina with one-part durum flour (finely ground semolina).  Semolina’s deep yellow colour comes from high concentrations of carotenoids {the same compounds responsible for the brilliant colours of carrots, mangos, and apricots}

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Garri, Yam & African Staple Foods
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Garri is made as follows: cassava tubers are peeled, washed and grated or crushed to produce a mash. After which the mash is mixed with palm oil {oil garri} before being placed in a porous bags. This is followed by a process of removing excess starchy water for almost three hours. Once cassava has become dry, the next step is sieving and frying in a large clay frying pot without palm oil. The resulting dry granular garri can be stored for long periods and once grounded it makes fine flour.

Creating wealth through investments & Entrepreneurship

Jezzbuffalo ventures has also pioneered an investment scheme allied to Winners crown trading whereby members contribute cash on a weekly basis that is invested in a fixed deposit scheme. The dividends of the profit accrued are shared to the members at the end of the fixed deposit term. For more information.

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Your products are sourced from the best. Since I started buying from you my Tak shop has regular clients from Neighbouring Countries.

Tak Shop Owner
I love African food. Since I discovered you, I have tasted food from many African Countries and I love the Yams

Design Manager
Thank you for Support, my restaurant now have days that are special for our African brothers. When we cook staple foods for Nigerians, Ghanaian, Mozambicans etc. Keep the good work and lets unite Africa

Restaurant Owner